I want to scream all day, never stop to breathe, everywhere i go, I scream scream I’m so mad, this world is bad, this world’s so sick, i feel sick but as soon as i open my mouth only quiet comes out two millions things to be done but only five minutes of time  Tfw you spend a whole day implementing an algorithm which turned out to be actually hard to be efficiently implemented just to realize in the end that you have been so distracted by implementing it that you didn’t realize it was not the right algorithm for your problem! ø____ø  I often think it’s sad I can’t turn these songs and melodies running around my head outside, but then again I guess it’s better, because if I really started producing the music I hear, everyone would be certain about me being crazy… I love the feeling when you finally get rid of the hair on your head but I hate the feeling when you accidentally get rid of a part of your eyebrow :( tired of explaining why i am tired of this world People making fun of stuff they don’t even know what it is are the best. My favorite is the schizophrenia thing. Like, being told by someone to be schizophrenic because they think you have a split personality is just siiiiick. Because schizophrenia isnt the same as dissociative personality disorder. And also maybe someone really has had delusional episodes which can be really scary. Like what the fuck would be funny about such an illness?… The only thing funny would be when the people making fun of stuff like that would die. ha ha.